Sunday, August 1, 2010

back from anysberg

I am going to keep this short, since it's after midnight and we are wicked tired, plus leaving tomorrow night to try to get to Arizona. We are back from Anysberg tonight. The work was productive, and it was not too cold at night (more so in the mornings). We saw much of what we had been seeing previously, w/ regard to animals -- baboons, lots of ostrich, jackels calling every night (and we finally saw one this morning - see photo) and birds that did not want to be photographed, plus lots of types of antelope, inc. oryx, springbok, etc. We saw many meerkat holes, but no meerkat; likewise aardvark holes (which cause problems in the road). A few small reptiles. Colin's 14th birthday was yesterday - we had pancakes and cookies for dinner. Too tired for more, right now....


  1. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Colin! <3 Aunt Roz

  2. I STILL NEED YOUR ADDRESS SO I CAN MAIL YOU YOUR TURTLE. I don't remember what else we were going to send you, but for some reason my mind is telling me it was a pregnant suit. Also, i just saw a mini elephant in an ad for Nanny McPhee, so that means they do exist and you need to bring me one.