Saturday, July 24, 2010

the baboons, july 23

hi, this is Jessica. Colin is working on research tonight, so I will try to get the blog up to date -- it is extremely slow going, with this silly slow netbook.

What happened with the baboons was this:

the team was cataloging plants (or whatever it is they are doing) on a hill at one of the sites at the national park on the cape of good hope. I was hanging out in the van, as I had already done the hanging out outside thing. It was getting hot, so I opened one of the windows part way -- I did not know that Emily had left some carrots, sprouts and springbuck jerky on the seat under the window. A large troop (20+) of baboons (who saw the window/smelled the food) came flying down the hill, past the team, and one of the males jumped through the window and began to snack rapidly. Carl and Cory came running down the hill and started yelling at the baboon, who did not want to leave. I had jumped into the way-back, since the baboon was between me and the side doors. Carl opened the door (but not my door, which could only be opened from tThe baboon did try to read the field guide, but was disuaded by more yelling. Eventually he or a compatriot climbed on top of the van, where he ate carrots and eventually lay down. No one was hurt except the sprouts, carrots and jerky, but there have been many, many jokes. I will post the photos in stages -- as always, click on them to see them bigger.

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  1. Yikes! You could have been seriously hurt. Baboons are NOT NICE, especially when food is at stake. Glad it all turned out okay, though, and now you have a great story to tell! :-)