Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toddlers and Tulips: Boston to Cape Town

So, I’m in Africa, folks. I made it. Unfortunately I’ve been having some wi-fi-finding trouble as of late, so this is a bit overdue. Lets see…from the beginning, here’s the story: we went as a group in a van to Boston, flew to Amsterdam, got in at what should have been about 2 AM and felt to my body like 2 AM but which my brain and the natural environment insisted was really 8 AM, despite all circadian evidence to the contrary. So here’s the thing about the airport in Amsterdam: there are tulips everywhere. It’s not just that every other store in the airport sells the bulbs: every wall is painted with tulips or has tulips growing. It’s kind of crazy!

Anyhow, the next flight was MUCH longer than the first (11 as opposed to 7 hours) - and had an 18-month-old toddler wandering the aisles without parental supervision. I mean, I suppose it’s a contained area, but still, there are so many things a small child could run headlong into. Sigh. Anyhow, that’s the trip over here. Exhausting, tiring, and very very disorienting. I did want to say, though - the first thing that hits you about Cape Town is the lights - at night, it’s beautiful, like some kind of glittery sequin-covered glittery thing with sequins that glitter. (I’m not feeling very articulate right now.) It’s beautiful. Anyway - we got in about midnight last night to our little guest house in Cape Town. Imagine our surprise waking up at one in the afternoon.

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