Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden Shots and a Dirty Skink

Christina stares at the as-of-yet unidentified flower. Botany at work.

I know everyone out there has the same question on their minds about this photo: is that tree that looks like a fern really a fern? ;-)
The answer, unbelievably, is yes - this is a tree fern, which is a special kind of fern that has a tree morphology, that is to say, looks like a tree. Biologists like big words. ;-)

The flowers here are amazing... there are even more exotic ones, but my photos aren't as nice, so I'll leave you all imagining what they look like until I get some nice shots in the field.

And finally, a member of the Scincidae, bio-speak for "It's a skink."
Update: a second phone number is available now for emergencies:


  1. The white flower is a calla lily, common in the U.S. as a horticultural flower. At one time, they were very popular, but not so much anymore. The flower to the right of that looks kind of like a rose, but the leaves are wrong. Roses have compound leaves, but in the photo that one appears to have simple leaves. Finally, Howard says we have skinks here, but he doesn't know if they're the same kind ones, as he's not very familiar with them.